Environmental Consultancy Services
join hands with nature to green the coast...

• REEFECS  provides  range  of  consultancy  services  in  coastal  and  terrestrial  wetland  environment; includes  coastal  baseline  survey,  delineation,  mapping,  landscaping,  plantation,  monitoring  and studies related to coastal zone management.

• REEFECS  also  offer  multidisciplinary  services  aimed  at  ecological  and  environmental  audit,  impact assessment,  documentation  and  report  preparation,  data  analysis  and  interpretation,  developing policy, design and implementation of wide facet projects.

• REEFECS    team    works    with    all    type/scale    of    ecological/environmental    development    projects,  minimize implementation costs, overlook program risks and improve the value of proposed scheme.


• REEFECS    tender    liable    full-service    consultancy,    expert    strategic    counsel    or    project/program  execution,   information   dissemination,   media   relations   and   implements   effective   community   concern  programs including ecological, environmental, socio-economic phase


• With   over   16   years   of   experience   in   assessment   of   coastal   areas,   we   earned   reputation   for   designing  innovative and cost-effective methods to establish and protect mangrove ecosystems.

• Acquire expertise in landscape architecture design, plan, establish and manage coastal landscapes.
REEFECS celebrated World Environment Day by planting mangrove saplings in Thengaithittu, Puducherry. The mangrove species such as Aegiceceras corniculatum, Excoeccaria agallocha and Kandelia candel were introduced.
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