Environmental Consultancy Services
join hands with nature to green the coast...

•  Established   mangrove   plantation   ~25   acre   around Thengaithittu,   Ariyankuppam,
   Veerampattinam in Puducherry (Completed)
• Setting up nursery for Halophytes (Ongoing)
• Mangrove biodiversity improvement program - introduction of 4 new mangrove flora in
  Veerampattinam, Puchucherry (Ongoing)
• Taming renewable energy resources, developing aquaponic systems and popularising
   roof-top gardening (Ongoing)

Wetlands International

• Green Coast's Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme - establishment  of mangrove nursery
   and plantation in Thengaithittu, Pondicherry  (Completed)

Chennai River Rehabilitation Project

•  Mangroves  Restoration  program  -  Chennai  Rivers  Rehabilitation Trust  (Adyar 
   Park  - Phase I (Completed); Phase II ongoing)

Wildlife Trust of India

• Established mangrove nursery at Payyanur, Kerala (Completed)
• Established mangrove interpretation center at Payyanur, Kerala (Completed)

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